Audi Pays A3 TDI Drivers Goodwill

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Audi Pays A3 TDI Drivers Goodwill


To make things right after its diesel gate scandal, Volkswagen Group is doing everything they can.

What is it?

A billion-dollar bill, that’s what it is. Yes! Exactly. If you look at the 11 million vehicles worldwide that needs a fix and even if the company goes for “cheap fix”, it still is going to be in the low billions.

This $1,000 in gift cards will be divided into two halves where the first one will be Visa card redeemable anywhere worth of $500, and the other one will be the credit of $500 at any Volkswagen or Audi dealership.

Are the dirty vehicles worth it?

It’s farfetched at the moment as there are no solid estimates for the drop in the resale value but the chances are real decent that the owners of dieselgate effected models will suffer more than just a $1,000 dollars when they will try to dispose-off their vehicle.

What models are in?

According to the company, for the time being this goodwill programme is only encompasses the owners of Audi A3 non-compliant models featuring a 2.0-litre diesel engine, not the 3.0-litre V6. This is because Audi has already submitted an easy and cheap software fix to the EPA for review, so they are not going to pay more to the owners.

How to avail this offer?

To be eligible for this programme, you need these:

Vehicle to be in your name as of November 8th
You have to be a US resident
Your proof of ownership
The VIN number
Your driver’s license
And through an Audi or Volkswagen dealership, you have to “activate” the credit with the vehicle ‘presented’.
The Europeans will not be getting any kind of cash..

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