Audi A8 Engines are Frugal and Desirable for the Next Level of Automated Driving

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Audi A8 Engines are Frugal and Desirable for the Next Level of Automated Driving

Audi A8

It is not run-of-the-mill Audi, it is actually the next generation of highly automated driving experience

Audi A8 is an excellent limo type luxury vehicle and the automaker claims that the A8 was the first production car to express the luxurious mobility at its peak. Audi A8 is a highly automated luxury and even under some certain conditions, the driver can use the autopilot to do some other tasks during the driving and currently it is one of the most luxurious vehicles in the Audi line-up.

Audi A8 offers an extremely calculated engines choice where two turbocharged V6 Audi A8 engine is serving the model trims. These engines are 3.0-Litre units and offered in both fuel variants diesel and petrol. The 3.0-Litre petrol engine develops 335bhp and badged as a 55Tfsi.

Audi A8 Diesel Engine

The 3.0-Litre diesel engine cranks 282bhp and badged as a 50TDI version. The diesel version is more popular among the businessmen and the drivers, however, the petrol power unit is more desirable and delivers instant power on the go.

The A8 remains just brilliant with the 443lb-ft of torque from really low revs range and the performance is remarkably ruthless and can overtake any vehicle ahead on the motorway speed effortlessly. The diesel engines are usually known as noisy and in the case of the A8, don’t think that the engine is noisy. It is actually a silent beast and a vibration free version of the diesel engines even on the high revs under some hard-core driving. All these features of the diesel engine make the engine a range-topping version.

Audi A8 Petrol Engines

The petrol engine is badged as a 55TFSI and not have the same level of performance and efficiency. It doesn’t have a low down grunt of power as a diesel engine does. But it is still a desirable version and perfectly fit the A8. It has a smooth power delivery and inside the cabin, you barely hear any sound from the engine. At the motorway speed, simply push the accelerator a bit hard and it will firmly push you back into the seat. As soon as you would lift of the foot from the accelerator, the engine would turn off automatically to save more fuel for you. This fuel saving and costing mode offers more fuel saving and the A8 48V electric power motors then take the charge if the vehicle and control the auxiliary functions e.g. lights, air conditioning, power steering and all other functions. Coasting continues for more than 50 seconds before you push the accelerator again to bring the engine back into life.

When drivers keenly wish to check the limits of the engine, the petrol unit performs even great and offers outright performance and speed more than the diesel engines. The same size of engine version offered in the Mercedes-Benz S500 but it is even more responsive and quicker than the Mercedes. Coupled with the eight-speed automatic transmission, the vehicle is more responsive and autonomous than any other equivalent version. It is hardly noticed that the Audi A8 engines have blown or damaged due to rough driving but if an unfortunate moment comes and you have a blown engine, nothing to worry about it, you can buy reconditioned Audi A8 engine in the UK at relatively competitive prices. Audi engines are known as relatively trusted units ever but during the VW’s scandal a few years back, the Audi engines also got their reputation hit badly. Audi remains in survival mode for many months and now they are all good in the market again.

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